Coral Beach Club - Matabungkay, Batangas

I went to Coral Beach Club last November 25, 2008 with my partner to celebrate our third year anniversary. We decided to celebrate it by means of going out of town so that we could also relax at the same time.

I reserved a room online. Reserving through their website was a breeze. Never encountered any problems, plus I it is secured. When I submitted my reservations to them, I left a note asking how to go to their resort. And within 24 hours, I got a response and taught me how to go to their resort via commuting. I advise to go their with your own vehicle. It's a bit far and its not a one-bus ride away.

when we arrived, the security guard immediately assist us going to the reservations office. the people there were very friendly and approachable. After 5 minutes, they already gave us a room to stay in.

we reserved a big standard room. At coral beach club resort, room number isn't used to remember your room. they use names and our room was called 'fiesta' room. there's nothing special about it so I suggest that you reserve the deluxe room because it has a beautiful view, plus i think, its more beautiful and elegant than the big standard room. Although if you're going there with your family, then I think that that big standard room would be perfect. it has 3 beds: 1 queen size and 2 single beds.

i have some issues with our room. First, the remote control for our television is broken. so we have to ask for a replacement for that. Second, the vault is not working. we asked the receptionist to send someone to fix it. she said their technician will be available at 5pm (it's only 3pm that time) and she said she will send the technician asap once he arrive. we waited but no one came to fix it. we didn't bother to repeat the issue since we will only be staying for 3 days. I hope they check first their amenities on their rooms and see if everything is working fine. they should assume that their guests are tired and want to rest after arriving.

we ate a late lunch on their restaurant. I love the two big flat screen tvs but it shows two diferent channels also. i can't seem to understand what to watch! plus their food is not so great. there's nothing special in it plus it is costly. i hope they add some more food on their menu and assign a price that justifies the serving and the taste.

i love their swimming pool and their jacuzzi. it feels so relaxing.

the beach in front of the resort is not swimmable. you have to walk a little to the left to have a good swim. plus, there are some people outside the resort that are very importunate in selling souveneir items. oftentimes, it gets to my nerves already because I already said no but they still follow us and continue to sell us their stuff. however, the view of the sunset from the resort is priceless!

all in all, i think coral beach club resort is the best resort to stay in when you're in matabungkay.

Coral Beach Club
Matabungkay Beach
Lian 4216, Batangas

Phone Numbers: +63 917 901-4635, +63 919 822-0383
Fax Number: +63 2 857-2015